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Canada’s Top Graphic Design Schools for 2024

Do you aspire to be a successful graphic designer in Canada, and are you searching for the best graphic design schools in Canada? You are at the right place.

Graphic Design is one of the many ways in which art is expressed. It focuses on using visual aids to connect, communicate, or sell a product or idea. Companies, brands, and even the government often use graphic media to send information to a particular set of audiences. It is a way of communicating without speaking.

Graphic Designers are recognized and highly paid when they have an excellent portfolio in the area in which they specialize. By portfolio, it does not necessarily mean you should have had working experience – A good project work(s) in a particular design program is enough. This is why aspiring graphic designers are usually advised to get the best education to do well at the craft.

To be a graphic designer in Canada, you must undergo a graphic design course and obtain either a certificate, diploma, or degree. Once you have any of these in your portfolio, you should anticipate high-paying jobs and success in the labor market.

The Best Canadian Graphic Design Schools

How, then, do you know the graphic design course for you? There are tens of graphic design programs offered by various schools in Canada, and most of them are not worth the time spent.

To save you time and resources, we have compiled a list of Canada’s top 5 Graphic Design courses, including the institutions offering them and other important information about them.

1. University of Fraser Valley

University of Fraser valley
  • Tuition Fee: $4,000
  • Program Length: 1-4 years

University of Fraser Valley (UFV) is the only school that offers graphic design courses in the Fraser Valley. The University helps Graphic and Digital Design (GDD) students to develop a solid foundation in various fields of design.

Simultaneously, Graphic and Digital Design students at the University of Fraser Valley build a strong professional practice portfolio. Students also learn different design methods by applying strategic processes, design thinking, visual language, and digital skills by using the industry-standard tools in Graphic and Digital Design’s networked studios and labs currently in use.

The University of Fraser Valley actively engages in design practice and professional communities making connections through special events, guest lecturers, field trips, workshops, and industry mentors. In addition, the University of Fraser Valley creates opportunities for meaningful work, cultural enrichment, and the greater good of students and the institution.

2. Centennial College

Centennial college
  • Tuition Fee: $2,925 (Canadians), $16,164 (International)
  • Program Length: 3 years

Centennial College is among the many schools offering a degree in Graphic Design in Canada. The Graphic Design Program offered at Centennial College has an overall graduate employment rate that exceeds 80 percent. The program will help prepare you for a multidisciplinary design career.

This program is facilitated at the Story Arts Center of Centennial College. The courses in this advanced diploma program will employ a hands-on approach to learning in a friendly studio environment instead of students sitting in large lecture halls.

Class sizes are also small to ensure students have every opportunity to work one-on-one with professors and build healthy relationships.

3. OCAD University

OCAD University
Photo Credit: interiorimages.ca
  • Tuition Fee: $7,800
  • Program Length: 4 Years

At most other schools in Canada, graphic design courses focus on technical skills and commercial and corporate work. The OCAD Graphic Design program equips you with a bonus.

The school teaches you the skills you need as a graphic designer and encourages you to use graphic design as a form of art, which can either challenge barriers or create work for the good of everyone.

At the OCAD Graphic Design school, you will learn how Graphic design affects society and generates dialogue among people. In addition, students will benefit from hands-on training and theory courses that help explore design as a form of expression.

4. Toronto Film School

toronto film school
  • Tuition Fee: $12,814
  • Program length: 2 Years

This special diploma program at the Toronto Film School prepares graphic design students to think critically and execute visual solutions across print, digital platforms, and motion graphics.

Students will also learn from a faculty of designers still active in the industry and have a portfolio of communications, marketing, and branding solutions designed for brands such as Hudson’s Bay, Canada Post, TTC, and Indigo Books & Music.

You will explore multiple perspectives on the design process from various guest speakers and outside creative professionals. You will graduate with a well-rounded portfolio and the creative and technical skills to launch your career.

5. George Brown College

George brown university
  • Tuition Fee: $4,184
  • Program Length: 2 Years

The Graphic Design Program at George Brown College is an ideal training ground to kickstart a career in Design. Students in the program will gain a strong understanding of the overall concept of design while also allowing them to choose a major from communicative design or advertising design.

Communication Design prepares you for a corporate design career, while Advertising Design prepares you for a career in an advertising agency. In addition, design electives allow you to gain skills in illustration, motion, interaction, web, book, and environmental design.

How much do Graphic Designers Make in Canada?

Graphic Designers make quite a lot in Canada. They are among the highest-paid workers in the country because most positions require them to work remotely. On average, Graphic Designers in Canada make around $69,091. This is equivalent to $25.84 per hour.

However, the pay rate of the new guys is quite different from the old guys in the profession. Entry-level positions begin at $41,000 annually, while most experienced workers make up to $72,000 annually.

Graphic Design is one of the many ways to make plenty of money in Canada. The good thing is that you can have another job while working as a graphic designer. In addition, most of the positions do not need your physical presence. Most companies prefer hiring graphic designers remotely. If you want to pursue a career in Graphic Design, I assure you that you are on the right track.


The list also includes the tuition fees of these Graphic Design Schools. If you like a program but are worried about the tuition fees, you can check out if the school offers scholarships and bursaries for students. Most of the ones mentioned here offered scholarship programs for indigent and merit students of the school.

As an international student wanting to attend a program in Graphic Design in Canada, there is also good news for you. All the programs and schools mentioned above accept applications from international students.

The only problem is that tuition fees for international students are way higher than that of the locals. You can, however, apply for scholarship programs as an international student.

As a Graphic Designer who has finished a program at any Canadian School, the global labor market won’t be a competition for you. Graphic Designers from Canadian Institutions are highly rated worldwide. They are also in higher demand than Designers from most other countries. This is one of the reasons why many people choose to attend Graphic Design programs in Canada.

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