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Why Public Schools Are Better Than Private Schools?

Ever wondered why public schools are better than private schools? Public schools have several advantages which we are going to cover in this article as well as why they are better than private institutions.

It can be complicated for you as a parent to decide which school to enroll your child, especially if there aren’t enough resources.

Not making decisions fast and smart can also cause your child to resume school late which in turn will become a whole lot of headache for the child and you as a parent.

You want to take your child to a public school but you’re wondering what people will say and if that’s the best option for your child.

In this article, you’ll learn different reasons why you should enroll your child in a public school and why public schools are better than private schools.

Take your favorite position because it’s about to be an amazing long ride. At the end of this post, you’ll know the best school to enroll your child.

Public School vs Private School

There are two choices of education that a child can learn from. They are categorized into Public and Private schools.

Public schools are centers of learning owned by the government. They have been seen as a go-to place for low and middle-class citizens who can’t afford to enroll their children in private schools.

Private schools are centers of learning owned by individuals or organizations. They’re mostly filled with children whose parents can afford the enrollment fees and other school charges.

It is with no doubt that “Public schools versus Private schools” has been flying around for a while. While it is important to know what kind of school to enroll your child in, it is also essential that you have a sound understanding of the difference between public and private schools.

8 reasons why public schools are better than private schools

Apart from the fact that enrolling your child in a public school can cost you nothing or less, there are also other good reasons you should enroll your children in a public school.

Costs you little or nothing

One of the most important differences between a public and private school is the cost. Public schools are more budget-friendly than private schools.

Apart from minor charges, taking your ward to a public school saves you some cash. Public schools offer your child adequate knowledge and quality education. In so many public schools, it costs nothing to get into the school because the government has paid for it.

Sending your child to a private school may cost you a fortune or even lead to bad debt. When you can’t afford it, why not go for the public school option.  

It helps save costs on the family’s part. Rather than spending heavily on a private school and running into bad debt, you can use the resources to cater to your child’s basic needs and some family’s pressing needs. This will go a long way in helping every member of the family.

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No religious biases

Some private schools have quite a long tradition and religious aspects that often play a significant role in their curriculum. In public schools, there is no religious discrimination whatsoever. All students are treated as one irrespective of their religious background.

Religion can lead to the isolation of your children in private schools. You wouldn’t want that, would you? Public schools give students the chance to practice their religion unashamedly.

Most private schools do not allow students to openly practice what they believe in. Unlike public schools where your child can openly declare his/her religion without discrimination.

The best teachers are employed

You’d agree with me that public schools have better teachers than private schools. This is because their teachers are well screened before accepting them to teach the school children.

When choosing a school for your children, you want them to have the best teachers possible. You want life-long, committed educators – people who entered the profession as a calling, who dedicate their lives to young people.

When the best teachers impart knowledge to your child, doesn’t it automatically mean your child will become one of the best or even the best? Public school teachers are required to be certified by the state. So, you can’t find an unqualified teacher imparting knowledge to your child.

According to data found in 2018, the percentage of new teachers (less than four years of teaching experience) is higher in private schools at 16 percent, compared with public schools at 11 percent.

The public school teachers also have a higher percentage of master’s degrees — 48 percent compared to 36 percent in private schools. Also, more public school teachers participate in professional development every year, more than private school teachers.

The government makes sure public school teachers are well equipped to confidently teach the students the right knowledge.

With good teachers teaching your child you have no fear that he/she won’t do well. Having a qualified teacher also boosts the confidence of the parent because they rest assured their children are in good hands.


Unlike private schools, any student can be admitted into public schools, with no discrimination whatsoever.

They provide access to education for every child in the community. This ensures that every student in a neighborhood has the same educational opportunities as the neighbors down the street, regardless of their current personal or financial situation.

No matter who your offspring is, no matter how good or bad a student, public school operators have faith they can help the youngster succeed.

Most private schools select the kind of students they want in their schools, they do not give the freedom of “any child can come in” their students are carefully selected and properly screened. Public schools allow different children from different backgrounds access to education with little or no cost.

Social Interactions

Might sound a bit funny but taking your child to a public school opens more doors of opportunities for him/her. Children in public school classes are more in numbers than in those of private schools, this opens children to meet new people whose beliefs might be entirely different from theirs.

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It also opens them to more opportunities that might only become visible soon. It ensures that they have new learning experiences and become exposed to different cultures they can learn from.

Children can interact with other kids and become more sociable. This also allows them to be able to defend themselves whenever the need arises.

They also learn how to deal with different kinds of people. They learn to share this world with other humans from various racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds.

When a child is socially smart and upright, it gives such a child an edge over his/her peers. It helps the child become familiar with socializing with people and their importance.

Academic Opportunities

Public schools often have the resources to offer more academic opportunities like advanced classes and courses in some subjects. They also have the privilege to attend competitions which in turn increase the mental capacity and strength of the children.

Students become more open to receiving scholarship opportunities and more visibility for the children. Going to competitions and gatherings outside the school walls broadens the horizon of the students and keeps them enlightened.


Public schools are held accountable by the state for the student’s academic performance. This leads to proper management of the students’ performances in school and it is seen that they perform excellently in their studies.

This prevents abuse and also leads to the management of failing schools much more quickly than if the school did not have such accountability. Accountability helps to keep the teachers and school management on track.

It ensures that the teachers are doing their job as expected. Accountability also ensures that the students are getting adequate attention and taught as required.

Public schools are more reliable

You take your children to a private school and you’re not even sure if it’ll be there tomorrow. If there’s one thing to be sure of, it is that public schools will also be there. It’s been there for decades and it’s not leaving.

Public schools, except on rare occasions, are better grounded than many private schools. A lot of public schools have been in existence decades ago and are still standing strong.

Private schools can run out of business due to debt and other factors but it isn’t the same for public schools.

Since they are owned and funded by the state government, they are never established to run out.


How are public schools funded?

Public School fees are funded through taxes. Whether you pay taxes or not, you can still enroll your child in a public school. They are also funded by the local, state, and federal governments as the case may be.

Are public schools free?

The majority of primary and secondary public schools are free but your children’s basic needs like uniforms and books might not be free. Not all higher institutions are free either. But they are quite affordable, unlike private schools. So taking your child to a public school might be your best option.

What is the difference between a Public school and a Private school curriculum?

Private schools have the freedom to adopt a curriculum and set standards for themselves. Public schools on the other hand have their curriculum properly monitored by the government. Therefore, teachers can’t add unnecessary activities that are not important for the students’ growth.

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Will taking my children to a public school determine their future?

No, taking your children to a public or private school is not a determinant of how they’ll turn out. Taking them to a public school is securing their future by giving them a quality education but that doesn’t rule out the fact that they also have to put in the work.

Do I have to take my children to school myself?

It depends on you. If your children are old enough to go to school by themselves, you can let them. But if they aren’t, you should take them yourself especially if the school doesn’t have a prepared means of transportation for its students.

Is my child safe in a public school?

Before enrolling your child in any public school, you must check out their security systems. Do they have guards? Are their guards active? Do they allow children to leave the school premises anyhow?

These and other questions should be answered before enrolling your child. If it comes out positive then you can rest assured that your child is safe in the school.

Is it advisable to take my child to a far-away public school?

For safety reasons, enrolling your child in a nearby public school can be the best option. But if there’s no public school nearby, you can opt for a farther one. Nevertheless, the most important thing is giving your child a quality education and at the same time being safe in the process of receiving it.


Public schools have been termed as those which are for children whose parents are not privileged enough to afford a private school. In getting to this stage, you’d have decided if a public or private school is appropriate for your child.

Whichever one you pick, I’m sure that’s the best decision for your child. However, nothing beats the fact that giving your child a quality education is necessary and is of utmost importance.

Enrolling your children in a good school is giving your child the best thing he/she could ask for. Investing in your child’s education is one of the important things in life you can give your child.

Public schools have a lot of edge over private schools and they have been listed in this article. Whatever decision you make now will decide what kind of education your child gets.

Enrolling your child in a public school can never get outdated. Public school students end up coming out better just like private school students. You must focus on giving your child nothing but the best.

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