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Top 15 Best Grammar Schools in London 2022

Finding the best Grammar Schools in London can be such a Herculean task. It is even much more difficult when you try finding it online.

The reason for this is that London consists of many boroughs and towns, and London-based grammar schools are the ones within these boroughs. There are other grammar schools far away from these common boroughs and towns.

As a parent/guardian, it is your prime duty to send your child/ward to the best school where they can get a quality education, no matter what it costs. Making this decision, however, can be quite complicated.

This article will provide a list of the Best Grammar Schools in London i.e. those that are based in London. You can check elsewhere if you are looking for grammar schools outside London county or in other parts of the United Kingdom.

Before concluding on the Best Grammar School in London to send your child to, you must consider a lot of factors. For example, you should consider the School’s Ofsted rating, catchment area, past examination performance, and extracurricular activities.

However, you must not forget that your child/ward must pass the 11+ entrance exam. This is the major requirement before your child can be accepted into any Grammar School in London.

Some schools have additional entrance criteria that your child must also meet before the admission is finalized. If you want to know about these criteria, you can check the admission policies of the school you wish to apply to.

Let’s dive right in!

Best Grammar Schools in London

So, let’s see the list I have compiled of the Best 15 Grammar Schools in London.

1. Queen Elizabeth’s School, Barnet

As far as London and England are concerned, Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School is rated the best. It is sometimes called QE Boys because it is an All-Boys School.

This prestigious grammar school was founded in 1573, making it over 450 years of age. In its history, it has built a solid reputation as a top secondary school that strives for academic excellence.

The school boasts that both parents and pupils should expect a state school like no other. You can tell of its great academic reputation from the GCSE in 2020, where 83% of all awarded grades were of the highest level.

The same thing happened at the A-Level, more than half of all grades awarded were A*. The level Queen Elizabeth’s School has gotten to in terms of education, is unmatched by any other Grammar School in London at the moment.

If you are interested in applying to Queen Elizabeth’s All-Boys Grammar School, you should visit the official website to download the 11+ entrance test request form. The form must also be submitted via the same medium as soon as possible.

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2. Nonsuch High School for Girls

Nonsuch High School is an All-Girls grammar school located in Sutton, London. The school also boasts excellent and commendable academic results in both the GCSE and A-LEVEL.

It also has a good Progress 8 score of 1.04. This score means that any child that attends the school will make significant and rapid progress.

To apply to Nonsuch High School for Girls, you must be aware that the school organizes a 2-stage 11+ exam. The first is the Selective Eligibility Test (SET). After passing this, students will be invited to sit at the school for the second-stage test.

3. The Henrietta Barnett School

Looking for a school where you don’t need to pay fees for anything? That’s The Henrietta Barnett School. This is a grammar school in London, with a very low acceptance rate. Students struggle to gain admission into the Henrietta Barnett School, because of the high level of competition.

In 2019, the London Grammar school received more than 3000 applications. Here is a reason why that happened; 87% of all GCSE results awarded in 2020 were either grade 8 or 9, and 50% of A-LEVEL grades were A*.

When considering this, coupled with the limited number of entry places available for 2022 (104), it is quite understandable why competition to secure a place in the school is high.

4. Wallington High School for Girls

Wallington High School for Girls is a sister school to Nonsuch High School for Girls. Due to this, both schools use the same 11+ entry system, which comes in two stages. The grammar school is also located in Sutton, London.

The curriculum of Wallington High School for Girls has been designed to be a comprehensive one, thereby supporting the students to achieve even better results than what is expected of them. However, the school is yet to release the results of the number of games awarded for 2019 and 2020 to the public.

5. Wilson’s School

If you have a son, who is enthusiastic about Academics as well as sports, Wilson’s might be a perfect fit for him. Wilson’s Schools is one of the best All-Boys Grammar Schools in London.

The school is popular for sports and has enough facilities to groom students both academically and in sports. It is one of the UK’s top 100 sporting schools, with many extracurricular activities.

Wilson’s School is also located in Sutton, having a 2-stage 11+ entry process. The tests are usually scheduled for mid-September followed by early October.

6. St Michael’s Catholic Grammar School

This is an All-Girls grammar school located in the London Borough of Barnet. It is also a Catholic Faith School. If you are the type who is enthusiastic about religion and wants the same for your daughter who wants to go to grammar school, St Michael’s would be the best for her. The school knows how well to integrate a strong Catholic ethos into academics.

St Michael’s Catholic School also makes use of the 11+ entrance exam, which is scheduled relatively early compared to other schools, on the 10th of September. The competition to secure a space for 2022 merry will be very high since there are only 128 places available for new intakes.

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7. The Latymer School

The Latymer Schools is the first mixed-sex school that comes on the list of the Best Grammar Schools in London. It is located in Enfield and is ranked as London’s 7th best Grammar School.

The school is also prestigious and well known for its great academic performance. Unfortunately, the GCSE Grades for 2020 have not been published by the school yet.

However, in 2020, almost 30% of all grades awarded at A-LEVEL were A*, with Year 13 students securing places at some of the country’s most prestigious universities. This year’s 11+ exam will be staggered over three consecutive days following social distancing guidelines.

 8. Tiffin Girls School

Tiffin Girls School is regarded as one of the best grammar schools in London and falls 8th on our list. It is also recognized as one of the best in England, even though we do not have a number for that. Students at the Tiffin Girls school achieve commendable results. Past performances can do justice to that.

In 2020, over 85% of all GCSE Grades at Tiffin Girls School were either 8 or 9. On the other hand, 35% of A-Level grades were A*. Seeing these kinds of results, there is usually competition to secure entry spots at Tiffin Girls School. For the year 2022, there are only 180 open slots.

If you’re hoping to support your child in making serious progress with her learning, this school will prove an excellent choice, with a Progress 8 score of 1.2 for 2018/19.

9. Tiffin School

I expect you to be surprised to see “Tiffin” twice on our list. The one previously mentioned is the All-Girls school.

The Tiffin School is a selective All-Boys Grammar school, also located in Kingston-Upon-Thames. It is considered one of the best Grammar schools in London as a result of its great academic performance.

However, the performance of the Tiffin School is not as much as The Tiffin Girls School and that is why the Girl’s school comes first. Judging from the percentage of A* awarded at A-LEVEL, GCSE results and Progress 8 score, Tiffin Girls school is better.

10. Beths Grammar School – Bexley

Beths Grammar School is an All-Boys Grammar School located in Bexley, London. The All-Boys School also has a mixed sixth form.

It received the award for Technology College Status in 1995 and was identified as one of the first High Performing Specialist schools in 2005. Beths Grammar School was regarded as “outstanding” in all categories after its last inspection by Ofsted in 2012.

11. St Olave’s Grammar School – Orpington

St Olave’s Grammar school is popularly known as ‘STOGS’. It is an Ofsted-rated ‘outstanding’ boys’ school and has built a reputation as one of the top-performing voluntary-aided selective schools in the United Kingdom.

St Olave’s co-educational sixth form is often singled out for special praise, due to its strong academic impact.

12. Townley Grammar School – Bexleyheath

This school for girls has academy status and a co-educational sixth form. Townley Grammar is rated ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted and highly commended by the DfE for its leading-edge character education provision.

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The school excels in the pursuit of performing and visual arts, as well as math and computing.

13. Woodford County High School – Woodford Green

Woodford County High School is an all-girls school founded in 1919. The grammar school was ranked by Ofsted as ‘outstanding’ in 2005. The school’s success has been achieved by striking a balance between tradition and innovation.

An unashamedly academic curriculum is complemented by a desire to prepare students for adult life – which is outlined in Woodford County High’s values and mission: “We want our students to enjoy and appreciate their education and to leave Woodford equipped to embark upon happy, fulfilling and useful lives, wherever and however they choose to lead them.”

14. Chislehurst and Sidcup School – Sidcup

Chislehurst and Sidcup School is known popularly as “Chis and Sid”. It is a co-educational school which is one of the best in London. It was established in 1931 and is an Ofsted-rated “good” academy. Chis and Sid take pride in developing pupils and students intellectually, emotionally, and physically.

This is achieved by delivering on its mission which is “to educate, in partnership with parents and pupils, inquiring, well-informed and compassionate citizens who will go on to make a better world by occupying positions of responsibility and influence.”

15. Bexley Grammar School – Welling

Bexley Grammar is also ranked among the Best Grammar schools in London and England. The school offers an inspiring curriculum that can help groom students academically, in its vibrant and international environment. It is sometimes referred to as BGS.

Bexley Grammar School is also Ofsted rated “Outstanding” and is a co-educational school. This means that both boys and girls can attend. For over a decade now, Bexley Grammar School has been the only fully international Baccalaureate (IB) Sixth form in South East London Borough.

The school has helped raise aspirations, grow confidence and develop young people into compassionate leaders who are wholly prepared for the challenges of the rapidly changing society.

To conclude this article, you deserve to know where these Grammar Schools are located. This will let you know if they are close to you or if you should look further.

Where are they located in London?

When we talk about London, most people think of the Central City of London, and that is just a little of what London is. London consists of Central City and all the boroughs in it.

These places are where the best Grammar schools in London are located. They are located in Barnet, Bromley, Enfield, Kingston-Upon-Thames, and Sutton.

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