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Grades are essential to every student. They’re what you work for; everyone wants a high one. Quarter grades are part of the grading system, but many schools don’t consider them the final grades.

Therefore, many students find it difficult to understand their purpose and why they should spend their priceless time trying to make it perfect.

Well, quarter grades matter, and they don’t, depending on some essential factors. However, they reflect what your semester grades will look like.

This article will educate you on all you need about quarter grades. You’ll understand why they matter and get practical tips on how you can make them better.

What are Quarter Grades?

Quarter grades are grades that schools release at the end of each quarter of an academic year. Most schools in the US use a semester system that consists of two semesters.

The first semester usually starts in August and runs through December, while the second semester begins in January and usually runs through May/June. All schools release semester grades at the end of each semester, which are your performance for the period.

Some schools divide these semesters into four quarters, meaning two quarters every semester. They release grades at the end of this quarter, known as quarter grades. Quarter grades aren’t your final grades, but they’re part of your performance for the semester.

It’s important to note that not all schools use the quarter system. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about them if your school doesn’t. Some schools also use the trimester system, which doesn’t accommodate the idea of a trimester system. Knowing the kind of system that your institution operates can help you plan your school and coursework well and excel in your academics.

Do Quarter grades affect GPA in high school?

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Quarter grades are your school’s way of saying, “Hey, here’s how you fare at this state of your coursework; you need to keep it up or up your studies if you want to ace this semester.” Therefore, they can have a direct impact on your GPA.

As hinted earlier, they’re directly part of your semester grades. It’s the average of your first and second-quarter grades that the schools will use to calculate your quarter grades. For instance, if you get an 80% in the first quarter and a 90% in the second, you’ll get an 85% at the end of the semester.

Do colleges care about quarter grades?

Whether or not colleges care about quarter grades depends on the type of college or your admission type. For instance, you may not need them at all if you’re going via a regular decision. This means you’ll wait until the school opens its admission portal and apply, hoping to get admitted if you meet its requirements. In this instance, most schools prefer to work directly with your semester transcript.

However, you should pay more attention to quarter grades if you want to apply for either Early Decision (ED), Early Action (EA), or Rolling Admission. Early Action and Early Decision means that you’re applying to a school earlier than other candidates so that they can give you admission before them.

The main difference between both is that Early Action is binding while Early Decision is not. When you apply early action, you’re tied to that institution. However, you can apply to more than one institution with an ED.

When you apply via any of these two methods, the college takes this decision before your semester grades are ready. Therefore, it can request your quarter grades. The same thing also applies when you apply for rolling admission, where the school gives out admission continually.

Therefore, you must perform well all year round if you’re applying for EA or ED, especially if your school gives quarter grades. You don’t need to worry much if they don’t, but you should focus on your academics all year round.

How to Improve Your Quarter Grades

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If your school is one of those that prioritizes quarter grades, they’re more important than you think. You should handle them like regular school work and work hard to improve them if they’re not looking like you want. This section will educate you on how to improve your quarter grades.

1. Attend Extra Lessons

You can attend extra lessons organized by your teachers or seniors. It will ensure you get more explanations on subjects you don’t understand and help you comprehend them better. You can also hire a private tutor if that works for you.

2. Read!

There isn’t any magical way to improve your grades if you don’t study. You can attend many lectures and extra lessons but they’ll only be of little importance if you don’t read. It’s advisable that you read after every class and regularly from thereon.

A surefire way to improve your reading habit is to create a timetable. If you can create one and be consistent with it, it won’t take long before you start seeing improvements in your grades.

3. Ask Questions

You might think your teachers are old school, but they know some of the best places to get helpful materials. Therefore, you should make friends with them and make them the first people you’ll meet when you have problems with your coursework.

You should also ask questions that you don’t understand in the class. Many students ignore the urge to ask questions in class because they could get answers online. However, you’ll comprehend the coursework more if you get your teacher’s take in addition to your research.

4. Get a Study Mate

Studying by yourself is effective, but you can get bored. However, a study partner can make it more enjoyable. You can share study strategies, discuss problems, and even teach yourselves the coursework to aid your understanding.


Quarter grades matter, and you should try to make them perfect. You should prioritize them more if you want to apply for EA or ED. The chances that the college will request them are high. Your quarter grades can also give schools insight into whether or not you focus on your academic activities all year round.

If you’re struggling to better your quarter grades, the tips in this article can help you. Prioritize asking questions, making friends with your teachers, and studying regularly. You’ll improve them and become the best that you can be with your grades.

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