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How To Submit Your Blog To Opera News Feed Nigeria In 2022

Do you know you can submit your blog to opera news feed and get additional traffic as a Nigerian blogger?

A lot of Nigerian bloggers are struggling with getting traffic on their blogs or websites.

This is the reason why it takes a lot of time to make something worthwhile from blogging in Nigeria.

The good news is that a solution has been created to help solve this challenge. As a blogger, you can now get huge traffic on your blog or website without going the extra mile, which in turn means a large revenue for you.

Opera News was developed by Opera Mini some years back and acts as a website where news and other updates are posted.

This platform allows content creators to share their content with a large viewer base.

Asides from sharing your craft as a content creators, you can also add your website or blog to Opera News Feed and get secondary traffic from the large platform.

Opera News is known to have over 300 million users worldwide, which means you can make quite a lot as a blogger from this huge traffic.

The team allows bloggers to add their blogs to the website and get several visitors on their blogs. This is quite similar to a backlink but isn’t. It just works like one.

If you are a blogger, and you wish to add your blog to Opera News, I will show you how to do so in few easy steps. But before that, let us see the advantages of adding your blog to Opera News.

Benefits of adding your Website to Opera News

1. Your blog begins to receive more traffic as the day passes. When users visit Opera News and find something interesting on your blog which has been listed, they can easily visit your site for more.

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You can testify this will bring in more revenue for you. Every blogger’s dream is to have more than enough traffic on his or her blog.

This dream can be fulfilled using this opportunity on Opera News.

2. Your blog gains popularity from shares. Asides from making money from traffic, your blog also gains popularity especially if you have very amazing content.

People tend to share contents which they find invaluable and helpful to others.

These shares will help spread the name of your blog. From this, you can also get promotional offers from different companies and brands.

3. Opera News will pay every blogger 50% of revenue generated from displaying their products on your site or blog.

So, even if you are making money from the traffic on your site, you can also get a benefit from Opera News.

4. Adding your blog to Opera News is just like free promotion. Many bloggers pay influencers big money to help promote their blogs when you can do that on Opera News and to a better conversion rate.

Like I said earlier, Opera News has over 300 million users worldwide, allowing you to make a lot of money from the traffic on it.

Well, that’s if they end up visiting your website or blog.

How much do I pay to submit my blog to Opera News?

Nothing! You will not be prompted to pay anything for adding your blog to the Opera Newsfeed. The service is free and you will be duly compensated for your influence too.

Also, there is nothing like a subscription or renewal fee. Everything is free here. Remember, you are not paying anything!

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How To Submit Your blog to Opera News

Now, you know the benefits of adding your blog to Opera News as a blog. Next, I will be showing you how you can submit your blog to Opera News and start gaining traffic on it.

Firstly, you have to send an email to Opera News. The mail must be summarized and straight to the point. You don’t have to beat around the bush.

You are to send the mail to the Opera support email address, which is [email protected]. Please ensure you include your website or blog domain URL in the mail.

So this what you will do. Request that your blog be added to Opera News in the mail you will be sending.

It should be written as a request. Remember to include your blog or website URL.

After sending the mail, the next thing to do is the work of the Opera News team.

Once they receive your request mail, they will visit your website or blog via the link you have provided in the mail.

They will review it and see if it meets their criteria. This process will take few days. In around 2 to 3 days, you will receive a reply from a member of the support team.

You will be notified if your blog has met the standard criteria to add it to the website.

If it hasn’t, you will be told the requirements your blog has not met. So, you will have to work on these requirements and get back to the team by resending the request mail.

On the other hand, if your blog or website has already met the required criteria, you will be told some steps you have to follow to enable your site or blog on the Opera Newsfeed.

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Now, you have come to the waiting period. You might have to wait for almost a month before your blog or site finally gets added to the Opera News Feed.

When Will I be paid the earnings generated from My blog on Opera News?

Remember I told you you will be paid 50% of the revenue generated from Opera News products published on your blog or website.

You can withdraw your earnings at any time provided you have exceeded the $100 threshold.

This means that $100 is the minimum you can withdraw from the platform.

What are you waiting for? Get started with Opera News today, and make money by just adding your blog to the platform.

Just note that they don’t accept blogs with low quality content, bad user experience and new sites.

I wish you luck as you apply for opera news.

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