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Walmart provides various scholarship possibilities for employees’ dependents. One is the Walmart Dependent Scholarship, designed to help low-income students pay for college or vocational education.

If you’re curious about their scholarship opportunities, this guide will explain everything you need to know.

This article will cover the Walmart Scholarship qualifying requirements and the application procedure. The concluding part will highlight advice and tactics for improving your chances of getting one of their scholarships.

About the Walmart Foundation

The purpose of the Walmart Foundation is to provide opportunities for individuals to live better lives. Walmart is dedicated to improving people’s lives by resolving the community’s needs and expanding educational, workforce development, environmental sustainability, and health and wellness options.

Walmart also helps disaster assistance, veterans and military families, people with disabilities, and underserved others.

What is the Value of a Walmart scholarship?

The Walmart Scholarship Program offers up to $13,000 in scholarships which can be utilized over four years.

The curriculum is designed for associates with a high school diploma, home school diploma, or GED. For six years, the winners will receive a maximum payment of $16,000. After completing the online application, qualified candidates will be considered depending on their financial needs and academic performance.

Walmart is available to all Walmart workers in the United States. Full-time and part-time employees in the distribution network, home office, Sam’s Club, and other departments can attend college for $1 per day for the university program.

Walmart pays for everything, including financial aid, schooling, fees, and books.

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Requirements for Walmart Scholarship

Before actually registering for the Walmart Scholarship, associates must satisfy all of the eligibility principles:

  • Applicants must be a citizen of the United States or a permanent legal resident of the country.
  • Must have worked part-time or full-time for at least six months with any Walmart division after the application deadline for the award period in which the associate is being considered.
  • Must have completed high school or home school, get a GED, or be a graduating high school senior planning to attend college or university after graduation.
  • Graduating high school seniors must wait until they are within six months of beginning college courses to apply.
  • Must have a financial need and be able to prove it with the necessary paperwork. Note that associates who pay for tuition, books, fees, and on-campus room and board solely with other means are not qualified.
  • Before applying, an associate must have graduated from high school/home school, gotten a GED, or been a graduating high school senior within six months of beginning a college course.

How to Apply For the Walmart Scholarship Program

The Walmart Scholarship process of applying for 2024 is rather simple. Simply follow the steps outlined below.

The following is a step-by-step guide to registering for a Walmart Scholarship:

  1. Create a User Account. Candidates must register to apply for the scholarship.
  2. Log in to your AIM account to go to the Walmart Associate Scholarship application’s Welcome Page.
  3. Fill out the application and submit it. Fill out all essential fields in the online application and upload your financial documents.
  4. Submit. Click the Submit button on the Save/Submit page of the online application.

Walmart Scholarship Deadline

In a normal Walmart fiscal year, there are four application periods:

  • Yearly from February 1 to March 1
  • Yearly from May 1 to June 1
  • Yearly, August 1 – September 1
  • Yearly November 1 – December 1

General Guidelines for the Scholarship

Before you commence the enrollment process, double-check that you meet all eligibility conditions. You won’t be able to access the application if you don’t comply with the requirements and answer the Eligibility Quiz honestly.

The applications inquire about your previous work experience with Walmart. You’ll have a greater probability of gaining the scholarship if you or the person who has claimed you as a dependent is in good standing.

The applications inquire about your parents’ educational backgrounds. Students attending college for the first time may have a better chance of winning the scholarship. You have the option to discuss “exceptional circumstances” on the applications. This is your chance to stand out among the other qualified applicants. Here’s what you should do:

Without sounding too self-defeating, mention any money difficulties briefly. Describe how a Walmart scholarship could help you reach your academic and professional goals despite your financial constraints in a straightforward manner.

You could also say that this scholarship will help his family’s prospects. Will earning this scholarship have a beneficial impact on anyone other than you? If this is the case, mention it in your application.

Mention any unusual difficulties or incidents that have tested you. Individuals who have overcome major barriers to accomplish their educational and career ambitions will excite the review panel.

Walmart Associate Scholarship Tips

Only 10 percent of the qualified applicants obtain this scholarship, so it’s tough competition. As a result, it’s critical to devote a lot of time and effort to your application.

The applicant’s level of community involvement is a significant element assessed by the review committee in addition to financial needs. Here are some helpful hints when applying for the Walmart Associate Scholarship program:

  1. You can talk about up to three volunteer experiences on the registration in the last four years. This program seeks applicants with experience working with underprivileged or marginalized communities.
  2. Discuss your desire to assist others. Emphasize your subsequent academic plans and how they will allow you to serve others rather than repeating information about your volunteer activities.
  3. Any similar voluntary activities you’ve done should be highlighted. If you’re looking for volunteer opportunities, aim for one that allows you to demonstrate your commitment to the community. Volunteer in a nursing home, a refugee center, or a low-income school, for example.
  4. As you may imagine, Walmart wants the greatest possible impact on the community. Your point is to demonstrate that as a Walmart representative, you can put the money to good use in your community.

Tips for Applying for a Dependent Scholarship

Only 25% of eligible applicants receive this scholarship, making it an extremely competitive grant. Your past academic success is a significant consideration assessed by the selection committee in addition to monetary need.

Here are some of the best recommendations and strategies for applying for a Dependent Scholarship:

  1. If you’re a younger high school student, maintaining good grades is one of the best ways to boost your chances of receiving the scholarship. A 2.0 GPA is required to apply, but a high-achieving student will wow the selection board.
  2. Discuss your academic interests and hobbies with the group. Describe how this award can help you achieve specific professional or educational objectives based on your intellectual pursuits.
  3. Use your application to clarify why you meet the minimal GPA criteria yet have some blemishes on your academic credentials. Don’t be evasive, but don’t offer excuses.
  4. Walmart employs millions of people. It seeks to locate employees’ dependents who are most positioned to gain from their educations to enhance the influence of its scholarship funding.


Even though you’re not a Walmart associate or dependant, numerous scholarship options are available. Getting the perfect one for you and meeting the conditions are the only things that matter.

You may be eligible for guaranteed scholarships if your standardized test scores are good! Go through our previous articles if you want to learn about your financial assistance and scholarship opportunities.

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