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If you are interested in studying or furthering your education at Covenant or Landmark universities but worried about finances, the David Oyedepo Foundation scholarship is definitely for you.

The David Oyedepo Foundation Scholarship program offers educational aid and grants to qualified individuals across several African countries.

If you want to know more about this scholarship program, especially what it entails and how to apply, you should keep reading.

About David Oyedepo Foundation (DOF) Scholarship

As I mentioned, the David Oyedepo Foundation scholarship program provides full scholarships to individuals who meet the necessary criteria and are indigenes and residents of various African countries.

The scholarship program is designed to assist indigent students and provide an opportunity for them to study at Covenant or Landmark University, Nigeria.

This scholarship program covers the full academic fees of qualified candidates for a maximum duration of 5 years. (Following the university-stipulated time for the duration of the selected course).

However, it is worth noting that the scholarship does not cover the following;

  • Feeding allowances
  • Travel allowances
  • Medical/Health Insurance or allowance
  • Any other fees outside university-generated academic fees for a course at a specified level.

That is, the scholarship only covers beneficiaries’ tuition to study any course they choose for a period not exceeding five years.

The scholarship award will not account for any other fee or spending apart from the tuition specified by the university.

Requirements for the DOF Scholarship Program

Before applying for the David Oyedepo Foundation scholarship, applicants must meet the following requirements;

  1. Be citizens and permanent residents of Nigeria or any other country in Africa.
  2. Be at least age 16 and not exceeding 25 at the time of application submission.
  3. Applicants must be well-proficient in reading, writing, and speaking English. This is a very important requirement.
  4. Demonstrate an outstanding academic track record during their time in secondary school. This is benchmarked by:
    • A minimum of 20 marks above JAMB official cut-off marks. This criterion applies to Nigerians only.
    • A minimum of 80% or 4.0 GPA/5.0 in secondary or high school transcript.
  5. Applicants must have begun admission applications to either Covenant or Landmark University.

You must only apply to one of the two aforementioned institutions. Applying to both may attract a disqualification from the scholarship program.

Only applicants who meet all the above requirements can participate in the David Oyedepo Foundation scholarship program.

However, meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee getting the scholarship aid. There is a selection process and criteria, which I will also share with you.

Selection Process and Criteria

The David Oyedepo Foundation (DOF) Scholarship program is a merit-based open competition for indigent African students.

Interested applicants are required to submit their applications before the specified deadline. After the deadline, a selection panel will review all eligible applications (applications that meet the requirements).

After this review, the David Oyedepo Foundation team will interview the selected participants via an online video conferencing platform.

Candidates who advance to the final selection round must provide the following documentation;

  • Proof of application to Covenant or Landmark University.
  • Proof of citizenship of any African country.
  • All original copies of documents uploaded at the inception of the application.

Following this, the selection panel will use a specified criteria mark to evaluate successful applications. These criteria include;

  • Applicants must have demonstrated a history of exceptional academic ability.
  • Applicants must be categorized as indigent students.
  • The applicants must show outstanding character among peers.
  • Applicants must have an established track record of leadership and active engagement in community development.
  • Applicants must show a dedication to leveraging acquired skills to make a positive impact on the local community.

How to apply

First, check if you satisfy the minimum requirements before applying for the scholarship program. If you do, then you can forge ahead with the procedure.

To apply for the David Oyedepo Foundation scholarship program;

  • Proceed to the official DOF scholarship portal
  • Read the instructions carefully before filling out the application form
  • Next, proceed to answer the questions. Provide only accurate and precise answers where necessary.
  • Crosscheck the information you have filled
  • Then, tap “Submit Form.

If you are selected later, the scholarship board will ask for documentation to support the data you provided during your application.

Also, all correspondence and award agreements will be generated from the personal information you fill in during your application.

As a result, I advise that you use proper spelling, capitalization, and punctuation when filling in your information. You will receive feedback via email if you have been selected for the next round.

Note: You can always print a copy of your application if you wish. I recommend you make at least two copies of your application for yourself.

Application Timeline

The 2024 David Oyedepo Foundation (DOF) opened applications for its scholarship programs on May 19, 2024.

The application will close on June 30, 2024. If you are interested in the scholarship program, I advise you to apply immediately before the specified application deadline.

By July, the successful scholarship participants will receive their award and resume lectures in Covenant and Landmark Universities between August and September 2024.

General Application Tips

While applying for the David Oyedepo Foundation scholarship program, you might find these tips helpful:

  • The David Oyedepo Foundation uses an internet-based application system. Therefore, you need a computer and internet access to apply.
  • You will need a scanner to upload the necessary documents during your application.
  • You do not have to finish your application at a go. The form allows you to save your application halfway and return to complete it as many times as necessary. However, you must not leave your application untouched for up to 30 days, or the portal will lock your account.
  • Ensure you submit your application right on time. Submitting after the deadline is not accepted, and extensions will not be offered either.
  • Answer all application questions in English and translate all uploaded documents into English.
  • All answers in the application, including written responses to essays, must be your original work.
  • The scholarship board will only consider applicants who complete this application.
  • Also, note that any application submitted via email or other means will NOT be considered.
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