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Has your institution mobilized you? If yes, the next move is to check if your name is on the approved NYSC senate list for 2024.

Have you already reviewed yours, and your name is not listed? Don’t worry; I will give you a potential solution to the problem.

This post is only for those attending NYSC this year (2024). I have explained everything you need about this nysc senate approved list.

How to Check Uploaded NYSC Senate approved List

  1. Access the NYSC portal via portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc2/VerifySenateLists.aspx
  2. Check the filled-out list and choose the list accordingly.
  3. To check for your name and details, use the search button.

Is your name not on the NYSC portal senate list?

  • Access the site of the JAMB matriculation list and check if it contains your name. If they do not include your name in the matriculation list, please follow the instructions by printing your letter of admission to the jamb and a slip of the result for clarification.
  • If you are having issues while printing your admission letter, see how to do regularization of the admission letter.
  • Visit your institution after that and apply for mobilization. If you have already done this, there is no need to do it again. The next step is to verify that your name is in your institution’s error list.
  • If the error list contains your name, please fix the problem and log back into the NYSC portal to check if they have solved it.
  • If you have seen your name, continue with your registration there.

“Your name not included after following the above steps. Put your mind to rest, the rectification is still underway”.

Requirements to check NYSC Senate List 2024

Before you can fully know if your name is there, you will need to provide the information below.

  1. Name of institution
  2. Surname: A single mistake can give you a ton of problems.
  3. Date of birth (D.O.B): make sure it corresponds with the one you submitted during mobilization.
  4. Matric Number

Should I check my name on the JAMB senate list?

Yes, you should verify your name on the JAMB senate list. This will allow you to know whether to proceed with the registration or to correct any errors that may occur.

It is important to check your name on the JAMB senate list because it serves as proof that you have been offered admission into a tertiary institution in Nigeria.

If your name is not on the JAMB senate list, it means that you are not eligible for NYSC mobilization. Therefore, it is crucial to confirm your admission status on the JAMB portal and ensure that your name is on the matriculation list before proceeding with NYSC registration.


This list is usually released batch by batch; there will be only three Batches (Batch A, Batch B, and Batch C).

Your institution will upload the list of students for NYSC to the portal; then, it will be sorted and processed by the board. Correct any mistakes (name, date of birth, local government, etc.) before your school uploads your name to NYSC portal.

Don’t panic if you are not on Batch A; B will still be released. Keep checking and stay updated with the latest 2024 NYSC news you can find online or on this site.

Please let me know in the comments section below if you have any questions. Share this article with your friends and colleagues.

20 thoughts on “NYSC Senate Approved List 2024 For Batch A, B & C”

  1. My name on the jamb admission letter is different from my certificate, like there is middle name I include during jamb registration. Wii it affect my mobilization?

  2. Pls someone needs help concerning this jamb stuff…she got different reg no on her result slip n on her admission letter…
    She got admission letter from jamb but she didn’t check her status on d matriculation list, so she went to do regularization using the reg no on her result slip after d regularization she later found out by checking on the reg no on d admission letter that she was ask to print her jamb admission letter so that her name could be on d matric list n she did it in which her name has enter d matric list n she has been congratulated n she did submitted the admission to school n has mobilized using the reg no on her admission letter but now jamb have approved the one she regularized with will she have any problem

  3. We have done our REGULAZATION and we have submitted it to our school but uptill now no any email from jamb to send us admission letter …just been confuse what could be the problem

  4. Good day sir.
    My mane is Moses, I have graduated since 2019 and am yet to be mobilize for service and by middle of this year I will be 30 years old. My question is will NYSC mobilize base on the year of graduation or your present age?

  5. good day sr. I am name: Emmanuel Jeremiah opaluwa. the arrangement of my name on my satificate are arrange as: Emmanuel Jeremiah opaluwa but jamb has scattered the arrangements to be Emmanuel opaluwa Jeremiah, can this affect me from been mobilis

  6. Good day sir.
    My friend’s name was on the senate list but he did not register for Batch A stream 1, now the registration for batch A stream 2 is about to commence and he want to register but there is a problem, his name has disappeared from the senate list.
    Please what should he do to solve this problem?

  7. Pls i need an anwser to this question, i make my registration for nysc during batch b stream 1 and my name is not on the senate list and i to the school for complain as i was told to do and school told me to wait for stream 2 that they are going worked on it now stream 2 registration has started registration and am still experienc the same thing so what can i do

  8. Pls I need an answer, What’s the essence of ones name being in the matriculation list? And will Nysc confirm names on the matriculation list before one name will be in the Senate list?

  9. Hi,
    My name was not on the matriculation list when my scho sent their senate list to nysc office but now I have done my regularisation and my name is now on the matriculation list, will I still wait for my school to upload another list for batch b on nysc portal or it will appear when stream 2 is registering?
    And if not what should I do please ?


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