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Surprisingly, most candidates don’t know what waec compulsory subjects are and how to choose their nine subjects correctly.

I hope you have checked the waec timetable for Nigeria to see your exam date and time.

Whether in science, art, or the commercial department, your subjects are quite different, as explained in this article.

General WAEC Compulsory Subjects

The general subjects that are considered highly important and compulsory for all WAEC candidates are:

  • English language
  • Civic education
  • Mathematics
  • Economics (Optional for some)
  • Trade subject

Do you see Mathematics and the English language, ehn? They are essential when determining if you will gain admission or not. Avoid any grade less than credit in those two subjects. I have explained more about the trade subject below.

Important Subjects for Art Students in WAEC

For art students, your waec subjects combination should contain these:

  • Literature in English
  • Government
  • CRK or IRK
  • Yoruba / Igbo / Hausa

Compulsory subjects for Commercial students in WAEC

You are in the commercial department and want to sit for this year’s waec? These subjects are necessary:

  • Economics
  • Government
  • Accounting
  • Commerce

Compulsory WAEC subjects for Science students

As someone knowledgeable about the science department, I strongly recommend that these subjects be part of your WAEC combo for 2024:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Geography
  • Agricultural science or economics
  • Physics

How many subjects are written in WAEC?

You are expected to write 9 subjects in the waec exam. Select these subjects carefully during your registration.

There is nothing like a change of waec subject combination after you have completed your registration. Ensure the subjects align with the course you want to study in the higher institution.

Is trade subject compulsory in WAEC?

Yes, you must have one trade subject in your WASSCE subjects combination. For example, I chose fishery as the trade subject in the WAEC and NECO exams.

Only pick the trade subject you have been taught in school. Just know that it may have practical and theoretical aspects.

Social Science subjects in WAEC

This is the latest list of social science subjects in WASSCE for 2024 candidates.

  • Use of English
  • Government
  • History
  • Economics
  • Christian Religious Studies, CRS
  • Islamic Religious Studies, IRS

Please, and please, don’t pick any subjects irrelevant to the course you want to study in the university, poly, or college of education.

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  1. Subjects like: English, Government, CRS, literature and marketing, are they good to go in writing senior waec as a law student?

  2. Please am a waec candidate, studying law and I did not include either biology or agriculture would this affects me

  3. Please is it compulsory to sit for your trade subject even when you registered it?

    I registered catering craft but I’m not writing it..will it affect me in any way?

  4. My physics is d7 but I also wrote government in my waec as a science student is there any science course or art course available for me with such result?

  5. I didn’t include biology and agric in my choice of subject in waec,I replaced it with literature and crk and I want to study electrical and electronics engineering ,I hope I didn’t make any wrong choice because I think biology and agric was not compulsory for electrical engineering.

  6. Subjects that I choose in waec
    Can I still gain admission for business administration

  7. Hey Samson,
    Great read. I however strongly disagree with the inclusion of biology as a core subject for engineering/technology, the exemption being bio – related courses.


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