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Teamwork and compromising are two of the most essential work traits of a Libra. They’re a perfectionist–and will go to any length to get the best results. A Libra is also a social butterfly, and their presence in the room will be instantly noticeable.

Like other Zodiac signs, some jobs suit the characteristics of a Libra better than others. Choosing a career that doesn’t align with your traits will make you struggle.

This article will educate you on some of the worst jobs for Libra. You’ll learn why it’s best not to work these jobs and others perfect for you.

Who is a Libra?

Libra is the 7th sign of the Zodiac and is anyone born between September 23-October. It is represented by the scale of justice and is the only Zodiac sign not represented by an animal. The scale that represents their sign is because September 21st is the Autumn equinox when the length of the day roughly equals the night.

Not surprisingly, the entire personality of Libra revolves around justice and balance. They are also big fans of peace and harmony and will avoid confrontations up to a point where they can’t. When a Libra loses it, it becomes hard to calm down.

Career-wise, Libras import their personality to their career. They’re a good team worker because they can socialize well and make sacrifices. Libras also prioritize perfection and only seek to put in their best in what they do.

Sometimes, their attribute of seeking perfection makes them poor at making quickfire decisions. However, when they do, it’s usually the right one. It makes them more suited for careers that require critical thinking but do not necessarily make you make decisions in split seconds.

The Worst Jobs for Libras

Beware of these career paths if you are a Libra.

1. Casting Director

Casting Director

A casting director doesn’t necessarily have to make quick decisions. They usually have time to study and think about the actors and actresses they should include in their next project. However, do you remember what we said about balance and fairness?

Libras find it difficult to choose some people over others. They think everyone is equal and such has the potential to work and succeed. Having to select some and neglect others is a huge responsibility for them. Therefore, stay off this career path if you’re a Libra.

2. Personal Trainer

male fitness trainer

A personal trainer keeps their client’s fitness in order by giving them workouts. It’s not one of the best career paths for a Libra because of their indecisive and emphatic nature.

They might be restrictive in recommending exercises because they think it can inconvenience their client. When they do this, their client won’t get the best result, leading to negative feedback and poor career growth. Look for another career path if you’re a Libra.

3. Doctor

Happy medical practitioners

Doctors are some of the most highly paid professionals in the world. However, it’s not one of the best job options for Libra because they have to make quick decisions, especially surgeons. Sometimes, the difference between a patient surviving their predicament or not is the time it takes to make your decision.

Libra also demands more from themselves than most other Zodiac signs. So they might be bothered if they think they’re subpar, even if they’re not. Libras are intelligent, but you should avoid a career that directly puts you in charge of human life.

4. Mathematician

science math equations

Some Libras can be good with numbers, but they’re best suited for a career path that enables them to be creative. Therefore, Libras would find being a Mathematician boring, which leads to poor output. It’s best to avoid them entirely.

5. Data Analyst

confident male data scientist

The reason Libras won’t make good data analysts is similar to why they won’t make good mathematicians. They’ll find it dull and uninspiring. Also, they might find it hard to make quickfire decisions when they have to, which can make them struggle.

Data scientists may also have to sit in front of a computer for hours, which contradicts one of Libra’s most prominent traits, socializing. There isn’t much good in it for you as a data analyst if you’re a Libra.

6. Athlete

American sports played in college
American sports include boxing, baseball, tennis, basketball, football, and golf.

Most sports require quick thinking to help you win. Imagine you’re in the midst of a soccer match. The time you have to make your decisions is very little, with the opponent sprinting at full sprints down your face. A Libra might eventually cope, but it will take time to blend.

7. Firefighter

firefighters during training

Firefighters can be called anytime to respond to an emergency. Dealing with emergencies requires quick thinking. Once again, this reason is the main one why a Libra might struggle if they have to work as a firefighter.

8. Air Traffic Controllers

Air traffic controller

Air traffic controllers work at the airport, monitoring and giving directives to pilots and aircraft navigating the airspace. This aspect of the job isn’t too difficult for a Libra to handle, but it can also require quick decision-making when an aircraft encounters a problem in flight.

Air traffic controllers can also respond to emergencies at the airport and remember what we said about Libras and emergencies. It is best to avoid the career totally if you’re a Libra.

9. Stockbrokers


A stockbroker shouldn’t even be on your list of considerations if you’re a Libra because it thrives on many things your personality hates. Stockbrokers deal with the volatile stock market, which is stressful, even for those with the strongest minds.

You’ll be in situations where you must make crucial decisions that can either result in profits or losses many times in your career. Of course, you’re qualified, but your personality will still get in the way and make making these decisions harder and slower, which can have consequences.

10. Police Officers

police officer

Police officers maintain law and order and protect their citizens. Sometimes, it requires them to put their own lives at risk. While a Libra has few problems with this, securing the lives and properties of citizens requires you to make quick decisions many times. For Libras who would rather not, they should avoid that pathway.

Also, there’s only as much as you can socialize as a police officer, which might make the job boring. However, the idea of being at the helm of maintaining law and others is an aspect that might interest you. Despite that, other job characteristics are uninteresting for your personality type.

What profession suits a Libra?

Just like the worst career paths exist, others are jackpots. These jobs thrive on your strengths and will massively increase your success level. You’ll enjoy doing them and thrive when you love what you do.

Most of these jobs are arts-based. They require you to be creative, socialize, research, and evaluate your decisions.

Law is widely considered the best profession for a Libra. Your natural drive to find justice and fairness is the main reason you’ll fit into all aspects of the legal profession. A lawyer also gets to analyze and make decisions accurately. That said, here are some other professions for a Libra.

  1. Detective
  2. Counsellor
  3. Stylist
  4. Recruiter
  5. Art Dealer
  6. Event Planner
  7. Designer
  8. Human Resource Manager

Final Thoughts

These are some of the worst jobs for Libras. It doesn’t mean that you can’t work some of these jobs. However, you should understand some of its features that conflict with your character traits and try to adjust them. Better still, you should do away with them and instead look for a career that thrives on your strength.

There are a host of jobs aside from the ones mentioned here that you can do. If you’re very ambitious, Law is one of the most respected professions, and you’re naturally wired to be one of the best in it!

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