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The basic definition of introverts is people who prefer being in their quiet space over socializing. While many other characteristics define the trait, it revolves around little socializing. Therefore, when looking for a job, it’s only fair to go for one that doesn’t put you in a position for too much interaction.

The world is a free place, and there are many jobs that you can do and thrive in. However, there are others that you should try as much as possible to avoid. You can learn any skill quite alright, no matter your personality type, but some will be easier for you than others.

This article will evaluate some of the worst jobs for introverts. You’ll understand what they are and why you should avoid them if you have introverted qualities.

The Worst Jobs for Introverts

Introverts spend a lot of time with themselves. Therefore, they thrive on remote jobs than those that require people around. That said, here are some of the worst jobs for introverts.

1. Real Estate Agent

Certified real estate agent

A real estate agent is a professional who oversees real estate transactions. They connect buyers and sellers and act as the middleman doing negotiations.

These buyers and sellers would be mostly people you don’t know, of varying personalities. You must understand what they want and give it to them so you can make a good deal.

It isn’t the best job if you’re introverted because of the communication and socialization involved. You’ll need to arrange regular meetings or call the parties involved so that you can facilitate the transaction. These include meeting the buyer and walking them through the property while trying to persuade them to buy it.

Although there are some aspects introverts can handle, like making property listings and looking them up online, other aspects of the job are a no-go.

2. Recruiter


As a recruiter, you match qualified candidates in various fields to their employers. You do this by learning about the candidates and marketing their skills to potential employers. It’s another job that requires a high level of social and interactive intelligence.

You have to know how to find your candidates, understand their needs, and negotiate the demands of both parties. It entails being on the phone or physically present to make things work all day. It’s best to look elsewhere if you’re introverted.

3. Singer


You can be an introvert and a singer. Singing doesn’t require dealing with clients or persuading anyone to do anything. You only need to work with your crew members to perfect the song.

Performing the songs is where you may have challenges. You might have to stand in front of thousands who want to enjoy your performance. Singers barely have an “off” time. You have to be ready to perform anytime, which you might not fancy as an introvert.

Also, introverts rarely enjoy being the center of attraction, which is another challenge.

If you’re naturally talented in singing, it’s difficult to resist the temptation of pursuing it as a career. You could do what you love and still enjoy some of your alone time with determination.

4. Customer Service Representative

customer service

Customer service representative is another job you should avoid as an introvert. You have to be on the phone with different types of customers all day, which anyone barely enjoys (even extroverts).

One of the reasons people desist the job is that many of the customers calling are angry due to the issue they have.

If you don’t attend to them to their satisfaction, get ready to get a poor rating. The mental exhaustion of the job isn’t worth it, and you should consider other options. So that you know, the experience is almost similar even if you’re only a chat and email representative.

5. Manager


Management is a job you shouldn’t consider if you’re an introvert. You’ll be responsible for ensuring the daily running of your organization. Managers must communicate with their subordinates and instruct them on achieving their goals.

You must understand the needs of your customers and workers and work to balance them. A manager also needs to manage conflict in the workplace, which is a nightmare for introverts. You’ll perform a performance review of your co-workers, hire new workers, and sometimes educate new intakes.

6. News Reporter

news reporter

News reporters are professionals responsible for collecting, investigating, organizing, and broadcasting news to the public. These professionals will mostly be in the field conducting appropriate research for their breaking news. It also involves a great deal of writing which is the part that introverts might enjoy.

Aside from the aspect where you need to write, there aren’t many other exciting aspects for introverts. Sometimes, you’ll need to be the one who will broadcast your news on the television or radio. Almost every part of the job requires you to be outspoken and communicative.

Although technological advancements have made some aspects of journalism easier, some news reporters now work remotely and will only do little or no on-field or on-air reporting. You could thrive in one of those niches if you enjoy the job as an introvert, although it can still be challenging.

7. Tour Guide

tour guide

Everyone enjoys a good vacation, but not everyone fancies the job of having to make people enjoy it. It’s a fine and exciting job, as you meet new exciting people and interact non-stop with them.

They’ll ask many questions, and you must answer them well. It’s an area where extroverts thrive; introverts struggle.

Even if you can entertain conversations as an introvert, you’ll be uncomfortable doing it for a long time. Also, you’ll often be in charge of a group and must understand and satisfy their needs. Your tourists are human, and you may need to deal with a few angry ones.

8. Waiter/Waitress


All a waiter does is serve food at a restaurant, right? Well, yes, but you’ll need to interact with the customers to find out what they need before you attend to them. This interaction should be professional to make them feel relaxed.

It might be interesting initially, but constant communication might become inconvenient later. Customers’ moods vary, and you must adjust your interactions to match. By all indications, it’s not the best career path if you’re shy or introverted.

9. Social Workers

social worker

Your job as a social worker is to enhance the well-being of the people that you work with so that you can meet their basic needs. A social worker will work with all kinds of people, including vulnerable ones like drug addicts, homeless people, elders, and others.

You’ll give them invaluable advice that should help them make informed decisions. Using your knowledge to impact other people’s well-being is exciting and appealing to people of all personality types. However, the high social interaction involved is an aspect where introverts may falter.

10. Salesperson


The entire concept of being a salesperson wouldn’t appeal to an introvert. You have to persuade customers to buy your product. While you might be able to do it for one customer, the problem starts when you have to do it consistently.

You’ll also need to network with people to ensure that you generate more sales. This networking entails keeping up with them on social media or other online forums. Extroverts might thrive at doing this, but introverts will struggle at it. You should consider another career choice if you’re introverted.

11. Politician


You must be prepared for the worst if you want to be a politician. Politicians must be outspoken and be able to persuade people to share their points of view. This aspect is hard for introverts, especially as they’d rather work with people who share their values without much persuasion.

The criticism that comes with the job is another aspect. You have to face it from the media and even the people. Simply put, your chance of succeeding as a politician is slim if you have introverted qualities.

12. Teacher


Whether or not introverts can do teaching as a career depends on their specific behavior. Some introverts are comfortable speaking with people much younger than them, especially when imparting knowledge. Others don’t thrive in conversations, even with younger people.

If you fall into the first category, you can enjoy teaching as a career. However, the fact that you need to converse every time can still be a challenge. Other introverts who don’t fancy any form of extended conversion or socializing shouldn’t even consider teaching.

13. Influencer


Influencers are popular online personalities with reputable followership and authority over their followers, thus having the power to impact brand sales. Brands usually pay them to promote their products and services, and they get lucrative sums in return.

The main challenge introverts could have with being an influencer is that it makes them the center of attraction. Also, they’ll call you more frequently than you like to do advertisements and promotions. You might need to act when participating in an advertising shoot, which can be hellish for introverts.

Introverts aren’t usually much of a social media person and might be uncomfortable sharing their personal lives online, which you can’t escape as an influencer.

14. Flight Attendants

Flight attendants

Being a flight attendant is a unique job because you travel to exciting places and meet new people. These new people aren’t your passengers because relating with passengers is the challenging aspect of the job–especially if you’re an introvert. Some have been on long travels and are stressed, tired, or hungry, which makes interacting with them harder.

The fact that the job is socially demanding is the main reason introverts might struggle. You may also have to work irregular shifts or even at nighttime. All these contribute to the stress that introverts would rather avoid in a career.


That concludes the list of the worst jobs for introverts. All these jobs aren’t remote. They all require a high level of socializing and interaction which introverts detest.

You should conduct additional research on any of the jobs that you doubt. Humans have different temperaments, and you may be able to work some jobs even if you’re an introvert. What matters is that you do what you love, as that’s the key to a happy life.

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