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Extroverts are the life of the party; they get their energy from socializing and thrive in it. They’re friendly and approachable, which makes them liked by many. These people enjoy every bit of attention; no matter how much they get, they crave more.

If you’re an extrovert, choose a career that demands high social interaction. This move is due to your ability to thrive in a team setting and solve problems better with people rather than alone. You’ll most likely struggle in any career that demands them to work long hours with little or no social interaction.

This article will educate you on the worst jobs for extroverts. You’ll get a hint of the job description and why you should avoid them if you have extroverted qualities.

The Worst Jobs for Extroverts

From writing to accounting to photography, there are many jobs you should avoid as an extrovert. This section will educate you on 15 of them.

1. Writer


A writer is a person who communicates ideas through written words. You can specialize in creative writing, blog post, articles, copywriting, or even ghostwriting. No matter your area of concentration, you’ll spend long, often lonely hours behind their computers daily.

Writers must be alone and concentrate when researching and writing their content. Introverts used to being in their quiet space will enjoy it, but extroverts will struggle. You’ll communicate with your clients, but it’s often short and sparingly.

2. Musician


People think musicians are cheerful, highly social beings. Yes, they are, but they also spend a much time alone composing their songs which can be difficult for extroverts.

Extroverts can be musicians, but you must balance working alone and socializing. If you’re the typical extrovert who would rather spend most of their time with people, being a musician will bore you out.

On the other hand, consider working with a band. However, most of the musicians in the world are independent. Even if you’re in a group, there are still many times you’ll need to work alone for long hours.

3. Data Scientist

Data science concept

Data scientists collect, analyze, and interpret data for use in organizations. It’s a high-paying job that has employment opportunities in many sectors.

However, the only downside is that you’ll do the bulk of the work alone. There are team members quite alright, but the interaction is minimal–one that can barely be enough for an extrovert.

4. Accountant


Accountants deal with numbers. They do account analysis, financial statement analysis, auditing, and anything that involves the finances of a company. Accountants can decide independently or get employed by an organization.

Whichever one you choose to do, it’s not the best career path if you’re an extrovert. You’ll spend more time than you would like behind a computer researching, analyzing, and detailing finances.

The career comprises frequent meetings with the hierarchy and the stakeholders of the brand that you work for, but most of them would be online. Accounting is one of the jobs that extroverts can find extremely hard to fit in, no matter how hard they try.

5. Editor


Editors revise and correct written content like books, articles, or blog posts. They scan the contents and suggest corrections to the writer to ensure it meets the intended goal.

Editors spend all of their work time in front of the computer. You’ll communicate with the writer and superiors, but it’s on a minimal scale. It’s not the best career part for anyone with introverted qualities.

6. Architects

Architectural engineers

Architects design plans for buildings and other engineering structures. Architecture is a popular and integral field to the development of any modern society. However, it’s also restrictive to those with introverted qualities.

You’ll have to spend hours alone doing technical drawing or sketching out plans. It can be an enjoyable career path for those who fancy it. However, it’s a part that extroverts will barely enjoy, no thanks to the small amount of social interaction involved.

7. Pilot

Singapore airlines

Everyone knows what a pilot does, flies planes in the sky. Almost every kid dreamt of being the one that anchors the big engineering marvel that shoots through the sky. It’s an exciting job, but only for those who enjoy little interaction.

You’ll spend most of your time in the air with your co-pilot. The communication with your co-pilot is highly restrictive and will be primarily professional. Extroverts who thrive on sociable constant socializing will find being a pilot extremely challenging.

8. Graphic Designer

Modern graphic design process

Graphic designers use their skills to create visually appealing designs by hand or a computer. They’re experts in color, typography, and layout design. These professionals work with different industries, like advertising, publishing, and marketing, to create logos, fliers, and other things.

It’s a great career option for anyone who loves to express themselves through designs, although you’re restricted to the client’s demand to a certain extent.

You shouldn’t consider it if you’re extroverted because you’ll spend hours daily in front of a computer or drawing board to perfect your design. You’ll have to communicate with your team, but it’s mainly little online interactions.

9. Security Guard


Security guards protect wherever they’re stationed. They must stand or sit for long hours while monitoring incomers and outgoers for suspicious activities.

This job provides little or no room for interaction as you’ll be with yourself most of the time. Extroverts will find the job dull and uninspiring, especially if you consider that it doesn’t come with a lucrative paycheck.

10. Artist

Talented Female Artist

You can chase a career in fine arts if you enjoy drawing. However, you’re most likely an introvert if you grow up to like fine arts. It means you’re usually alone with your materials practicing and enjoying it. You’ll effortlessly blend into chasing it as a career with little or no issues.

An extrovert, on the other hand, might find being an artist uninteresting. Even if you’re used to drawing at your own pace, the story is different if you want to take it as a career.

You have to spend more time on your drawing board which correlates with less socializing. It won’t take long for the entire thing to bore you out.

11. Librarian


A librarian works at a library and is responsible for ensuring that everything’s in order every day. They provide different kinds of library services like lending out books, telling people where to find titles they like, providing recommendations, keeping records, and many others. The only downside to this career path is that it requires little interaction.

You’ll talk with those who come to you quite alright, but their primary aim is to read and not talk to the librarian. Therefore, conversations are usually short and straight to the point. Summarily, it’s not a feasible career path for extroverts.

12. Food/Delivery Person

Delivery guy

A simple evaluation of this career option will make you see why it’s not the best choice for extroverts. Your job is to deliver food or packages to people who need them using a means of transport.

You’ll be the only one driving your car or riding your motorcycle or bicycle to the delivery point. It provides room for very little interaction and is not a job extroverts would enjoy at all.

13. Content Manager

Content creation

Content managers work with brands and help them build their market strategy by making creative content. These contents could be blogs, videos, or other types. It’s a demanding job that introverts would enjoy because their work is mostly remote.

On the other hand, it can be difficult for extroverts to cope with the job due to the exact reason for working remotely. It wouldn’t provide them with much-craved social interaction. You’ll perform better in most other career paths.

14. Paralegal

businessman consulting a lawyer

Paralegal assists lawyers in carrying out their daily activities. You’ll organize and analyze legal documents, make drafts, conduct research, and read through case files, among other duties. It’s the perfect fit for introverts who fancy the legal system.

It’s imperative to know that paralegals aren’t qualified lawyers but must get a paralegal certification to be able to work. They must understand the law to a satisfactory extent to help the lawyers. The only main downside to this career is the little to no interaction it provides, which makes it challenging for introverts.

15. Photographer

real estate photographer

They say photographers create memories through photos, and that’s what they do. The beauty of the job is that you can specialize in whatever you love, be it events photography, landscape photography, fashion photography, photojournalism, and many other types.

However, photographers do most of their work independently, making it unsuitable for extroverts. There’s very little interaction, and you’ll quickly bore out. If you’re extroverted and love photography, you can still do it non-professionally at your pace because it’s fun!


The importance of choosing the right career can’t be over-emphasized. It enhances productiveness because you’re working a job that thrives on your strength.

Personality traits are one of the best ways to determine the perfect job for you. You should know whether you’re an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert and select a career to match.

If you’re extroverted, the careers on this list shouldn’t be on your wishlist. Even if you thrive at first, the chance is very high that you’ll get bored of it later.

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