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Tulane University isn’t part of the Ivy League, but it’s still one of the most prestigious private universities in the US. Many people consider the school to be a “Hidden Ivy.” The school, originally a medical school, has produced reputed individuals among almost all professions and is a top research university in the US.

However, it’s statistically one of the most challenging universities to enter in the US because of its low acceptance rate. This article will educate you on all you need to know about Tulane’s acceptance rate. You’ll learn what it is, why it’s so low, and other aspects.

Tulane University Acceptance Rate

YearAcceptance RateYield RateNo. of ApplicantsNo. of Admitted StudentsNo. of Enrolled Students

This table shows Tulane’s University admission statistics over the last ten years. The school’s acceptance rate has never been over 30%, except in 2015, which shows that it has always been selective. However, the acceptance rate has been reducing recently, with the 11% not looking to change much for the next admission wave.

Tulane’s average admission rate for the last ten years is 19.42%, while the average yield rate is 30.55%. The yield rate is the number of admitted applicants enrolled at the school.

Tulane has been unlucky with its yield rate as less than half of its admitted students enrolled over the last ten years except for 2023, where 51.01 percent of them did.

Why is Tulane acceptance rate so low?

Tulane University

Elite schools are usually more selective, with the best students being the one who gets the shot. Therefore, you might not get admission even if you’re brilliant because others are better.

The Early Decision (ED) and Early Action (EA) options also contribute to Tulane’s low acceptance rate for Regular Decision candidates. Tulane admits many students via ED and EA, meaning fewer slots are available to RD aspirants. The ED and EA options are also more beneficial to the institution, and it has a better yield rate.

Is Tulane Hard to Get Into?

Tulane University is challenging to enter, one of the most competitive in the US. You have to be near excellent in almost all the admission metrics before you can get admitted. For instance, you must be among the 75th percentile in your SAT and ACT to get admission.

Getting high test scores isn’t the only thing you need to get admitted to Tulane. You must also impress in other areas like your achievements and extra-curricular activities. You should build an impressive portfolio of extracurriculars as the school values those.

All the relatively high standards in almost all levels of the admission process make it hard to enter. Therefore, you should be well-prepared to get admission into it. Understand the requirements and strive to beat them.

The following section will educate you on the school’s admission requirements and how to navigate them.

Tulane’s Admission Requirements

Tulane mentioned on its website that its admissions are strategic and geared towards admitting the best candidates who can maintain and improve the school’s reputation. It has a set of requirements that you’re expected to meet to get admission into the school, which this section will discuss.

1. GPA

Tulane University’s GPA requirement is 3.56, and this means getting As and Bs throughout your stay in high school. You should get way higher than the minimum requirement to stand a chance of getting admission.

2. Standardized Test Score

Tulane University SAT and ACT scores are another aspect where the school sets its standard high. The university didn’t mention the required SAT score for admission, but its average score can give you an insight into what you need to do. Tulane’s university average SAT score is 1420.

You should aim for this score or higher to stand a good chance of getting into the university. The 25th percentile score for the school is 1350, which puts you below average and reduces your chance of getting admitted.

Tulane’s average ACT score is 32. However, the 75th percentile score is 33, which is the score that you should aim for if you want to stand a good chance of getting admitted. ACT, unlike SAT, only requires you to send in the best of all your tests. You should prepare and sit for the examination to reach or even exceed the 75th percentile score for the university.

3. Supplemental Essays

Tulane University labels its supplemental essays as “important” but not mandatory for your application process. However, writing and impressing in them can do wonders for your application.

The supplemental essays should enable you to share the essential values or part of yourself that you haven’t done in the application. Read and understand the instructions and put together valuable points, and you’ll boost your application.

4. Extracurricular Activities

A secret to increasing your chance of getting admitted into that school of your choice is to do activities that it cherishes. For instance, if your school is a sports heavyweight, it might consider your admission if you’re a good sportsperson. You only need to find the extracurricular activities Tulane values and be exceptional in them to boost your application.

Tulane University has student clubs working to be good representatives of the institution. Therefore, the school loves students who have made strides in high school. Join clubs and societies that add value to your society, and you can get an edge in the application process.

Should you apply to Tulane University?

Tulane University logo on banners on campus

US News and World Report currently ranks it the 73rd best in the country. It’s among the country’s best when it comes to having an organized and highly effective core curriculum.

Its strategic location is another aspect that makes attending the school worthwhile. New Orleans has exciting off-campus activities and places to explore.

The school is also known for its exciting extracurricular activities. Its motto: “Work hard, play hard,” goes a long way to show how high the school places it. While you learn under some of the best conditions globally, you’ll also have time to have fun and pursue your passion.

Tulane’s programs are highly ranked and among the best in the US. It offers over 75 majors and minors across six colleges, including The College of Liberal Arts, The College of Architecture, The College of Business, and The College of Public Health and Tropical Medicine. Tulane University’s most popular majors are Business, Marketing, and Management, but others are well-taught and produce competent graduates.

Tips to Increase Your Chances

You can get into any school you want, no matter the competitiveness of the admission process. All you have to do is understand the requirements and beat it.

Getting good grades is what everyone knows about getting admission, but some tips could also help you aside from getting good grades. Here are some of them if you aspire to study at Tulane.

1. Apply Via Early Decision

As mentioned earlier, Tulane University prioritizes early decisions over regular decisions. However, you should understand that it binds you to apply for only Tulane.

Alternatively, you can also go via the early action. Early action doesn’t tie you to Tulane and will also give you an edge compared to regular decisions.

2. Impress in Your Essays

An exceptional supplemental essay is a great way to convince the school that you’re different from the thousands of other applicants applying for the school.

Let Tulane know your standout characteristics, and you can use them to benefit the school. It will consider your application if you make good points and impress in other aspects.

3. Get Good Recommendations

Tulane University requires you to submit a recommendation letter from your high school counselor. However, you can also table additional ones from a teacher or a professional related to your field. Whichever you submit, ensure it’s honest and states your unique qualities.

4. Be Genuine

It’s imperative to be genuine in all your application process. Don’t lie about your extracurriculars or try to provide more information than required in your essays.

Write about yourself the best way possible, and you’ll get your admission if you impress the school well enough. Missing out is better than entering the school with false information.


Tulane University has a low acceptance rate because its slots are taken by ED and EA applicants. The high GPA and standardized test score requirements also contribute to why it’s among the most selective institutions in the nation.

You can improve your admission chances by applying via the EA or ED and excelling in your test scores. Understand the application process and follow it diligently. The school may not admit you even if you have an impressive resume if you don’t follow the correct application process.


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