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Are you contemplating how to apply for NIIT Scholarship 2024 in Nigeria? If that’s the case, then you’re on the right page.

This article will delineate how to apply for the NIIT Scholarship in Nigeria. NIIT, a global leader in skills and talent development, first established a presence in Nigeria in 1999 by opening an education centre in Ikeja, Lagos.

Since the introduction of the organization into the country, they have pledged their support for the country’s youth to pursue lucrative IT employment. In this write-up, we will look at their fully funded Scholarship for students in the country.

Furthermore, the NIIT Nigeria National Scholarship is being announced to assist deserving and meritorious students across various disciplines – School Leavers, Undergraduates, Graduates [Unemployed, Under-Employed], etc.

The Scholarship is also available for Individuals desirous of enhancing their technical skill sets and students who aspire to learn about I.T. and a career in I.T.

Also, this student-aid offer is designed to help people realize their ambition of pursuing a successful career in information technology. For the first time, on the occasion of the 20th Scholarship, NIIT provides a 100% free scholarship to 20 Nigerian Digital Stars.

You can expect to be among these students who will make it through simply by following the proper registration process we will encapsulate in this article.

Why Should You Apply for an NIIT Scholarship?

The NIIT Nigeria Scholarship encourages deserving students to enroll in NIIT programs. However, the 20th NIIT Nigeria Scholarship exam performance in the award of scholarship also recognizes the student’s aptitude as a crucial feature.

The NIIT Nigeria Scholarship will be awarded based on a Merit Ranking determined by the NIIT Nigeria Scholarship exam score.

Objectives of the NIIT Scholarship

The goal of the NIIT Scholarship includes the following:

  • Attract, reward, and retain meritorious and deserving students to work in the Information Technology Industry.
  • With the scholarship for IT jobs, you may help people who are goal-oriented and ambitious.
  • They also offer courses from the NIIT Product Portfolio to help you get a better job.
  • Another good thing about the NIIT Nigeria Scholarship is that it will set your life on a new path, allowing you to fly high.

With all these in mind, you should prefer a scholarship.

Requirements for NIIT Scholarships in Nigeria

Do you want to see if you’re eligible for this student aid grant? Candidates who fit into one of the following categories are eligible to apply:

  1. School Leavers Undergraduates “O” Level / “A” Level Certification (those pursuing Graduation)
  2. Graduates
  3. Working professionals seeking re-skilling programs,
  4. Unemployed graduates,
  5. Underemployed graduates and Entrepreneurs
  6. On the whole, fully eligible students should also apply for this scholarship.

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How To Apply For NIIT Scholarship

Candidates must complete the following three simple steps to appear for the examination:

  • First, they must complete the application form and submit it.
  • Collect the hall ticket and appear for the Scholarship Exam on the abovementioned date.
  • It’s also of note that the application form is completely free.

All About NIIT Nigeria

Here is everything you need to know about NIIT Scholarship. The National Institute of Information (NIIT) is a world leader in developing skills and talent.

The body launched its presence in Nigeria in 1999 by opening an education centre in Ikeja, Lagos. Since opening the training centre in Lagos, the organization has reaffirmed its commitment to preparing Nigerian youngsters for lucrative IT employment.

The company was founded in 1981 to assist the fledgling IT sector overcome its human problems. The Global Retail Business (GRB) offers individuals and businesses a wide range of learning and talent development programs in digital transformation, banking, finance, insurance, soft skills, and business process excellence.

MindChampion Learning Systems Limited (MLSL), NIIT’s wholly-owned subsidiary for its K-12 school learning initiative, provides schools with the futuristic NIIT nGuru range of learning solutions, which includes interactive Classrooms with digital content, technology-driven Math Labs, IT Wizard programs, and Quick School – an Education Resource Planning software.

The learning platform is an NIIT initiative for advanced career programs that are given life in an immersive and interactive online mode by industry experts, integrating instructor-led classrooms with the flexibility of attending training sessions from anywhere.


In conclusion, when applying for the 2024 NIIT Scholarship, be cautious about doing the application process appropriately. The Application form must have all information filled in completely and precisely.

This Scholarship program is offered yearly to qualified Students in the country. As such, the time for this year’s Scholarship is unknown.

However, suppose you’d like us to provide you with more timely updates about the NIIT Nigeria Scholarship Scheme for this year. In that case, you can always visit this blog for updated information.

In the meantime, you can use the comment box below to drop your questions and inquiries about the NIIT Scholarship in Nigeria.

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