How To Change JAMB Email Address & Link It In 2022

Ever wondered how you can change your JAMB email address? This article will show you exactly the same process I used to change the email address I used in JAMB for free easily.

There are various reasons why you may need to make a change to the email address connected to your JAMB account or profile. Some of them include but are not limited to:

  1. You are not able to recover the password to the email address. Sometimes you may forget your password and there is either no recovery email address or phone number connected, you don’t have the recovery number or you have misplaced it.
  2. During your JAMB registration, you made a mistake in the email address you used [this is the major reason why candidates want to do a change of email address in JAMB].
  3. You made use of a crappy email provider and you don’t receive mails sent from JAMB or your institution. This is one of the reasons why i highly recommend that candidates use Gmail when registering due to the high mail delivery rates, good user experience and it is free.

If possibly you are faced with any of the problems I mentioned above then this article is meant for you. Let’s dive right in.

Update For 2022 Candidates: You need to link your email to your JAMB profile before you can be able to log into the portal.

Can I Change or Reset My Email Address in JAMB?

Yes, it is possible for you to change your JAMB email address but not in all cases.

change jamb email address

If you made a mistake in the email address you used while registering, there is a high possibility of changing it.

I will explain the process to make a change of email in JAMB below.

How To Change JAMB Email Address 2022 Easily

You see that email address is displayed on your JAMB dashboard, examination, or registration slip, it cannot be manipulated.

But there is a solution for it.

  1. Check the email address on your registration slip or the portal.
  2. Write it out on a sheet of paper and make sure you made no mistakes.
  3. Now go to the email service provider (if it ends in you are going to make use of it and so on..)
  4. Click on “create new email“.
  5. Enter the email you wrote on a sheet of paper.
  6. If it is available then you should register that email, verify your phone number and accept the terms and conditions.
  7. If the email address you entered is not available, I am sorry there’s nothing else you can do.

You having access to the email address on your JAMB profile is important because that’s where you are going to receive emails on your payments, admission offers, and even when you want to change your password.

If you have tried everything and still can’t get access to the email address, visit any JAMB cbt center near you or you can contact JAMB via Twitter or their website.

How To Link JAMB with Email in 2022

  1. Send Email and your email address to 55019 in this format: Email [email protected]
  2. Replace [email protected] with your valid email address and send it to 55019.
  3. Make sure you have airtime on your SIM because fifty naira will be deducted.
  4. Shortly after sending your mail, your email address will be linked to your JAMB account and a password will be sent to your phone number via SMS.
  5. You will use your email linked and the password sent to you to sign in to your JAMB portal.
YouTube video
Watch this video to see how to add your email to your JAMB account

Can I use the same email Twice for JAMB?

You can but it is going to give you problems because your former email already has been used to create a JAMB profile for you.

Just use a new email address for the registration, forget about the former email address. Prevention is better than cure.

Make sure you don’t use an email address or phone number for JAMB more than once. I am saying this because of the problems I have seen candidates face.

Have you been able to change or retrieve your JAMB email address? Do you have any issues with the process? Let me know in the comments section below.

I’m looking forward to creating more educational guides for Nigerian students like you. Kindly share this article with your friends and other candidates of JAMB.

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