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I am sure you are curious about the best student and highest JAMB score in the 2024 exam.

Millions of candidates sit for this exam yearly, but only a few emerge as the best. Gaining admission has nothing to do with having the best JAMB result in the country.

Even though there was a massive failure in JAMB 2023, many candidates passed excellently. If you haven’t seen your score, check yours on the JAMB results checker portal for free.

Who has the highest JAMB score in 2024?

The highest 2024 Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) exam scores have not yet been recorded. As you can see, the table below shows the scores recorded by the board in the 2023 UTME.

NameUTME ScoreState
Kamsiyochukwu Chinyere360Anambra
Stephen Aguele358Edo
Oluwafemi Ositade358Osun
Gbolahan Ayinde357Lagos
John Fulfilment356Edo
Chimdubem Ugonna355Imo

What is the highest score in JAMB history?

In 2016, Nigeria’s highest score in the history of JAMB exams was recorded. The record-breaker was Shamwifu Ibrahim, an indigene of Kogi state, and he scored 399 over 400 in JAMB.

To date, that record has not been broken. In Nigerian history, no candidate scored 400/400 in the exam.

Kindly note that JAMB does not release the list of the lowest scorers in the exam. However, in 2021, I saw many terrible scores like 60, 24, 14, etc.

Exam YearHighest Score Recorded


Is the JAMB examination hard?

Let me be sincere. It won’t be easy if you don’t prepare for the exam. JAMB is not just something you can pass without studying. It is not your ordinary level exams where you pay for expo/runz.

The exam will be easy if you have studied and prepared well. I am sure you got motivated reading this article. Share it with our friends. Sharing is caring.

You can even take this up as a challenge, decide to smash JAMB CBT, and become the top scorer. Trust me, it has many benefits.

Good luck!

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  1. Good day, Thank you very much for this article .It was very infomative.
    But I would like to ask ,is it true 2 subjects,PHE and Computer science, were added ,compulsorily for each candidate starting from the
    2022/2023 batch?

    • Good day,thanks for the information,article,tip and advise am very grateful and thankful.the advise and info is very wonderful and important once again thank you.

  2. I have tried to login my email password in the jamb portal to check my jamb results 2022 but rather it will always shows me invalid password and I would see my result at the end of the day.Pls help me.

  3. Thanks alot for you real information First time that i saw rumaours people put by their social media handle i think it was really true that i so one put that 2023 JAMB NIN number it was compolsry for each candides i noun realse it was picknew all about when sad in the exam hall

  4. Vanguard Newspaper of Saturday, 6th May published the name of Master Lotaanna Azuokeke with the total score of 337 as the OVERALL BEST CANDIDATE for the year 2023 in UTME. I think that was too hasty a publication as JAMB still conducted Examination today, [6TH May]; hence, results were yet to be fully processed while Vanguard has made a declaration!!!! Too poor a journalistic approach.
    That apart, a student of PREMIERE ACADEMY, ABUJA scored a whopping figure of 347. His name is Master Isa Salmanu. In the same school, four other students scored between 340 and 347. Even with this score, no one can claim that ISA SALMANU has the HIGHEST SCORE until all the results are published.
    Vanguard should be circumspect in their publications as journalism should be more investigative and be totally different from the social media trending news.

  5. Good evening, my fellow audience i need a favour from you all, seeking to pray for me for an successful examination, by 2025 to score a least above 300/400 in jamb. thanks for doing so. I still remain oti princewill


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