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Highest JAMB Score 2022 & Top Scores In Nigerian History

I am very sure you are curious to know the best student and highest JAMB score in the 2022 exam.

Millions of candidates sit for this exam every year but only a few emerge as the best.

Gaining admission does not have anything to do with having the best JAMB result in the country.

Even though there was a massive failure in JAMB 2021, a lot of candidates passed excellently.

If you haven’t seen what you scored, check yours on the JAMB results checker portal for free.

Who has the highest JAMB score in 2022?

The highest score for the 2022 Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) exam has not been recorded.

As you can see, the table below shows the scores recorded by the board in the past five years.

Exam YearHighest Score Recorded
JAMB 2022:Not Available
JAMB 2021:358
JAMB 2020:365
JAMB 2019:347
JAMB 2018:364

The Top 10/20/30 scores in JAMB 2022/2023 will be posted here when the board releases the result statistics.

What is the highest score in JAMB history?

In the year 2016, the highest score in the history of JAMB exams in Nigeria was recorded.

The record-breaker was Shamwifu Ibrahim, an indigene of Kogi state and he scored 399 over 400 in JAMB.

To date, that record has not been broken. In Nigerian history, no candidate has ever scored 400/400 in the exam.

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Kindly note that JAMB does not release the list of the lowest scorers in the exam. However, in 2021, I saw lots of terrible scores like 60, 24, 14, etc.


Is the JAMB examination hard?

Let me be sincere, if you don’t prepare for the exam, it is going to be difficult.

JAMB is not just something you can pass without studying, it is not your ordinary level exams where you pay for expo/runz.

The exam will be easy for you if you have studied and prepared well for it.

I am sure you got motivated reading this article. Share it with our friends, sharing is caring.

You can even take this up as a challenge, decide to smash JAMB CBT, and become the top scorer. Trust me, there are lots of benefits in it.

Good luck!

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