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In this article, you will learn more about the JAMB 2024 Novel to be used for the English Language exam by UTME and DE candidates.

A lot of students like reading ahead. That’s why most of you are curious about the book you will use.

Read it to the end to know where to get yours.

Which novel is JAMB using for 2024?

The JAMB recommended novel for the 2024 English language exam is The Life Changer by Khadija Abubakar Jalli. The novel is about a girl called Salma and her life at the university. It is pretty exciting and educative.

The Life Changer is a novel by Khadija Abubakar Jalli that tells the story of Ummi Ahmed, a woman who pursues a university education despite her challenges.

The novel begins with Ummi reflecting on her university days, which she describes as the best time of her life. She recounts her experiences as a student, including the carefree lifestyle, the dress codes, and the distinctions between teachers and students. She also shares stories of her friends and classmates, including Salma, who embarrassed herself by disparaging a university official, and Talle, imprisoned for kidnapping a boy for ransom.

Ummi then returns to the present day, where she is a teacher and the mother of four children. She is determined to pursue a university education but faces several obstacles, including the disapproval of her husband’s family and the financial burden of tuition fees. However, with her husband’s and friends’ support, Ummi can eventually enrol in the university.

Her university experience is challenging, but it is also rewarding. She makes new friends, learns new things, and grows. She also faces some ethical dilemmas, such as when she is approached by a lecturer who offers to give her good grades in exchange for sexual favours. Ummi ultimately stands up for herself and her principles, even though it jeopardises her grades.

Ultimately, Ummi graduates from university and achieves her dream of becoming a teacher. She can now provide a better life for her family and inspire her children to pursue their dreams.

The Life Changer is a story about hope, resilience, and the power of education to transform lives. This novel will resonate with readers of all ages and backgrounds.

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Character Analysis

The Life Changer” by Khadija Abubakar Jalli introduces readers to a variety of characters whose experiences and developments are central to the novel’s themes and messages.

  • Ummi: The protagonist, Ummi, is a reflective and insightful character who transitions from secondary school to university life. Her character embodies the novel’s theme of change and personal growth. Her experiences in the university serve as a conduit for the readers to explore various societal and educational challenges.
  • Salma: As Ummi’s roommate and friend, Salma’s character provides insights into the pitfalls of university life, including the consequences of dishonesty and deceit. Her journey highlights the importance of integrity and the repercussions of one’s actions.
  • Bint: Ummi’s younger sister, Bint, is curious and intelligent, often asking probing questions that lead to Ummi sharing valuable life lessons. Bint represents the innocence and curiosity of youth, and through her, the novel explores the impact of role models on young minds.
  • Mr. Talle: A character that embodies the challenges and corruption present in the educational system. His interactions with other characters highlight the obstacles students may face due to systemic corruption and the importance of standing up for one’s values.

Preparation Tips for the JAMB English Exam

Studying “The Life Changer” for the JAMB English exam requires a strategic approach to ensure a deep understanding of the novel and the ability to apply this knowledge to exam questions.

  • Read and Reread: Start by reading the novel thoroughly, then reread key passages to deepen your understanding of the characters, themes, and literary devices.
  • Take Notes: As you read, take detailed notes on character development, themes, and any significant quotes or passages. This will be invaluable for revision and essay writing.
  • Discuss and Debate: Engage in discussions with peers about the novel’s themes and characters. This can provide new insights and strengthen your understanding.
  • Practice Writing: Write practice essays on potential exam questions. Focus on structuring your essays clearly, with a strong thesis statement and supporting arguments.
  • Time Management: During the exam, manage your time effectively. Allocate enough time to plan, write, and review your essays to ensure they are coherent and comprehensive.
  • Review Past Questions: Look at past JAMB English exam questions to familiarize yourself with the format and types of questions asked.

How many questions should you expect?

You should expect 10 – 15 questions coming from the novel. The questions are usually selected randomly.

Don’t just read the summary and think you can do well in the exam. You need to finish the whole book. It’s not even much. You can finish reading the novel in 1 -2 days, depending on how busy your day is.

Potential Exam Questions

Question 1: What is the main theme of “The Life Changer”?

A) The challenges of university life
B) The importance of education
C) Honesty and integrity
D) Family values
Correct Answer: C) Honesty and integrity

Question 2: Who is the protagonist of “The Life Changer”?

A) Salma
B) Bint
C) Ummi
D) Mr. Talle
Correct Answer: C) Ummi

Question 3: How does Ummi view her experience at the university?

A) As a challenge to be overcome
B) As an opportunity for personal growth
C) As a necessary step for her career
D) As a time for socializing and making friends
Correct Answer: B) As an opportunity for personal growth

Question 4: What role does Bint play in the story?

A) She is a source of comic relief.
B) She is the antagonist.
C) She acts as a catalyst for Ummi’s stories.
D) She is Ummi’s mentor.
Correct Answer: C) She acts as a catalyst for Ummi’s stories.

Question 5: Which character represents the challenges and corruption present in the educational system?

A) Ummi
B) Salma
C) Mr. Talle
D) Bint
Correct Answer: C) Mr. Talle

Question 6: What significant lesson does Salma’s story teach?

A) The value of friendship
B) The dangers of peer pressure
C) The importance of academic excellence
D) The consequences of dishonesty
Correct Answer: D) The consequences of dishonesty

Question 7: In “The Life Changer,” how does Ummi describe her first encounter with university life?

A) Overwhelming but exciting
B) Difficult and confusing
C) Easy and uneventful
D) Intimidating but manageable
Correct Answer: A) Overwhelming but exciting

Question 8: Which character is known for asking probing questions that lead to insightful discussions?

A) Mr. Talle
B) Salma
C) Bint
D) Ummi
Correct Answer: C) Bint

Question 9: What is the primary setting of “The Life Changer”?

A) A high school
B) A university campus
C) A family home
D) An office environment
Correct Answer: B) A university campus

Question 10: Which of the following best describes the narrative style of “The Life Changer”?

A) First-person narrative from Ummi’s perspective
B) A series of unrelated short stories
C) Multiple perspectives from various characters
D) Third-person omniscient narrative
Correct Answer: A) First-person narrative from Ummi’s perspective

How much is the JAMB novel?

The novel cost five hundred nairas only (N500). You will be given after successfully registering for the 2024 JAMB exam.

Although you can get it at any bookshop near you, you don’t need to waste your money.

How Can I Get The Book?

As I said, you will get the novel at the CBT centre where you registered for JAMB. Also, you can download the PDF for free or read it below.

If you have any questions concerning the book to be used for JAMB 2024, drop a comment below. Don’t forget to subscribe and share this post with your friends.

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